Monday, 8 November 2010

The Naja Pallida and Milan

Introducing The Naja Pallida (right)and Milan (left)
The N.P is a beautiful very pale Agouti Mottle. She is the daughter of Sal Dare and his first girlfriend.

Here she is enjoying some millet with her very pale Argente Mottled baby

Milan is one of my stunning Satin Campbells. He is Argente with quite long silky satin fur. He is seen here with his daughter who is a super little Agouti Mottled Satin. She has now left home and has a lovely Satin boyfriend so there may be some more silky soft Satins on the way soon.

Milan loves his sand bath. Satins really need clean sand to keep their fur looking clean and beautifully shiny

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